About Us

We’re two Texas women with a passion for God, our family, guns, Dr Pepper, and sarcasm. More specifically:

Mom: Stay-at-home mom of five now-adult kids who can make our own PB&J now, thanks for asking. She does all kinds of cool stuff around here, from taking care of the chickens to ensuring that we have homemade dinner. Unfulfilled? Yeah, right!

Firearm of choice: most five-inch 1911s, but she likes Glocks, too.

Caliber of choice: .45 ACP (surprise).

Sarah: Freelance writer; spinster; crazy cat lady in the making.

Firearm of choice: I’m really liking the Glock 36.

Caliber of choice: .45 ACP.

Holster of choice: The Snakebite by Dragon Leatherworks.